Each of our ala carte selections and sides & salads serve 20 people. Disposable chafing dishes and sternos are available for $12 each. Quality disposable plates, napkins & Reflections™ Silverware are available for 75¢ per person. Black “lacquer-look” serving utensils are available for 75¢ each.

Ala Carte Entree Selections Price
Italian Beef au Jus Made fresh and seasoned to perfection with sweet pepper rings & hot giardiniera $75
Fresh baked French rolls (20 count) $11
    Half Order $40
Beef Brisket Braised with garlic, onions, and tomatoes $87
    Half Order $45
Fresh baked French rolls (20 count) $11
BBQ Pulled Pork Braised in our signature BBQ sauce - full of flavor and not too sweet $60
Slider sandwich buns (30 count) $9.75
Yankee Pot Roast *An all time favorite - rich flavor & oh so tender! $80
Add cooked in potatoes & carrots for a complete one-dish meal $110
Herb Roasted Chicken Marinated in our herb rub blend and oven roasted until moist & tender. Breasts, legs, wings & thighs ~ 25 pcs. $50
Pan Fried Chicken We hand bread with our seasoned bread crumbs, fry to a perfect crisp then oven roast until tender. Breasts, legs, wings & thighs ~ 25 pcs. $60
Chicken Oreganato Gluten free! $50
Homemade Black Bean Chili Delicious & satisfying all year round! A full 12oz serving per person $58
Baked Mostaccioli Herb seasoned marinara, ricotta cheese, beef & Italian sausage topped with mozzarella cheese $62
    Half Order $33
Meatless Mostaccioli Great vegetarian option! $57
    Half Order $30
Homemade Baked Lasagna Layers of lasagna noodles, rich savory meat sauce, ricotta & topped with parmesan cheese $67
    Half Order $35
Vegetarian Baked Lasagna Made with fresh spinach $62
    Half Order $33
Egg Plant Parmesan Vegetarian $75
Sandwich Platter An assortment of freshly made ham, smoked turkey & roast beef sandwiches, all with lettuce, tomato & cheese. Mustard, mayo & bistro sauce sides. $62
Deli Platter An appetizing arrangement of deli meats and cheeses with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles & olives. Mustard, mayo, bistro sauce & sandwich buns included $75
Wraps Platter - Choose 3 Turkey BLT, Roast Beef & Switch with Bistro Sauce, Ham, Cheddar & Swiss with Dijon Mayo, Turkey & Swiss with Pesto spread $65

Chicken selections available without wings for an additional $7 per order.

Substitute homemade ham, tuna, chicken or egg salad (select 3) ~ add $7 per platter.

Have your sandwich or deli platter with croissants ~ add $7 per platter.

Barnaby’s Famous Grilled Pork Chops

Absolutely the best pork chop ever! Such incredible flavor and so juicy you’ll wish you had ordered more!

Marinated & ready to cook $ 5.79 per lb. | Grilled by us $ 4.49 each

Ala Carte Sides & Salads Price
Tossed Mixed Greens Fresh mixed greens with tomatoes & cucumbers. Choice of two dressings. $35
Fresh Baby Spinach Salad With mandarin oranges & tomatoes and raspberry vinaigrette dressing $40
Antipasto Salad Romaine, kalamata olives, pepperoni, pepperocinis, provolone cheese, roasted peppers & tuna. Drizzled with our own balsamic vinaigrette dressing. $65
Chopped Salad Tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, chopped eggs, broccoli, ham, turkey, cheddar, Swiss, dried cranberries, olives & croutons. 2 dressings. A complete meal all by itself! $75
Classic Caesar Salad Romaine gently tossed with a creamy caesar dressing, sprinkled with parmesan cheese & croutons $35
Tropical Bowtie Caesar Bowtie pasta in poppyseed dressing over a bed of chopped romaine topped with strawberries & mandarin oranges $45
Macaroni Pasta Salad Pasta, diced tomatoes, genoa salami & cheddar cheese $45
Pesto Pasta Salad Chopped fresh vegetables with tomatoes & pesto $40
Mediterranean Pasta Salad Sliced black olives, fresh diced tomatoes & feta $50
Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad $45
7 Layer Salad A Southern Classic ~ We layer chopped greens, sweet peas, onions, cheddar cheese, bacon, tomatoes & sweet dressing $75
Potato Salad $30
Creamy Cole Slaw $25
Seasonal Fruit Display A mouthwatering display of the season’s best fruit $60
Watermelon Fruit Basket Beautiful presentation of fresh fruit in a carved watermelon basket $70
Watermelon Wedge Platter (Seasonal) $40
Baked Macaroni & Cheese $45
Cheesy Hashbrown Casserole $55
Thyme Roasted New Potatoes $35
Scalloped Potatoes $35
Au Gratin Potatoes $35
BBQ Baked Beans $25
Garlic Bread (24 pcs) $8.95
Fresh Homemade Bread (Serves 20 people) $8.75
Buttered Fresh Green Beans $40
Dinner Rolls & Butter $4.25/dozen